Seventh Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry

January 22nd-26th, 2018. Valladolid, Spain


EMS Special Activity

Supported by UVa, MINECO, FCM, NSF


The wealth of mathematics to which Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves are central, as a tool is now stunning, in differential geometry, topology, algebraic geometry, singularities, mathematical physics, dynamics, hyperbolic geometry and other subjects constantly developing new techniques to work with curves, and applying them in ever changing and evolving directions. The Iberoamerican Congresses on Geometry (ICG’s) are unique in bringing people from these diverse mathematical communities together, and fostering an exchange of ideas among mathematicians in different fields, united by Riemann surfaces and related constructions.

The 7th congress will showcase the recent advances in a broad range of geometric subjects. The program consists of nine plenary talks, seven special sessions and a poster session. Plenary talks, about current issues and of historical interest, are by experts in such core areas traditionally represented at the ICG’s as Teichmüller theory, Riemann surfaces, abelian varieties, dynamics, and foliations, but also in more differential-geometric pursuits of minimal surfaces and study of min-max surfaces, and topics in probability, tropical geometry, and mathematical physics. Topics of the special sessions are algebraic surfaces, abelian varieties, hyperbolic geometry and Teichmüller theory, algebraic and complex geometry, topology of singularities, geometry and physics, and holomorphic and algebraic foliations. Only two special sessions will run in parallel, and each session consists of talks of 40 minutes.

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Seventh Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry
January 22nd-26th, 2018. Valladolid, Spain